The ancient village of Vernazza is the fourth of 5 Terre. Built along a rocky spur that juts out into the sea, was founded around the year 1000 and it takes its name from "Gens Vulnetia", an ancient Roman family which owned slaves, once freed, they founded the country.
Vernazza is made by tall buildings and towers yellow rose in typical Ligurian style that weave in carugi narrow, small and steep roads that cross the sea to the Doria Castle. The country reveals its former prosperity compared to other countries had ancient symbol of the economic and protected by the Genoese against the Saracens and the barbarian invasions.


B&B e Camere Solemagia
Via A. Del Santo, 37
Vernazza (SP)

Cel. +39 338 56 71 672


To visit the church in Gothic-Ligurian style dedicated to St. Margaret of Antiochia, built in 1318 , overlooking the sea with his yellow bell. Apart from the church, framing the harbor the cylindrical tower of the ancient castle lookout Doria, with square tower, is all that remains of the ancient Genoese fortifications in anti-pirate.

From the center of the village begin two beautiful paths that link Vernazza to Monterosso on one side and the other Vernazza to Corniglia. Both offer breathtaking views across the Mediterranean and terraces overlooking the sea.

Vernazza is part of the National Park of Cinque Terre and was included in the 100 most beautiful villages in Italy (100 borghi più belli d'italia)